Esoteric matches specialized robotics, engineering, and supply chain talent with the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. On the Esoteric platform, industry professionals are Experts. Companies that need specialized help are Clients. Freelance or Full-time. We match Experts with Clients.

Clients: Esoteric provides access to specialized robotics, engineering, and supply chain industry talent. Full-time salaried employees. Part-time contract. Anything in between. Have a big project? Esoteric can help. Need specialized help on a short- term basis? Esoteric can help. Growing fast and need industry Experts on your team? Esoteric can help.

Experts: Esoteric is your stealth job-search platform. Your profile is searchable, but completely anonymous. Discretion is assured. Esoteric only matches you with jobs that match the preferences you've defined in your profile: compensation, location, travel, and 500+ industry specific skills. Concierge service. Stealthy. Passive and curated.

Clients: Access a network of specialized talent that are available for new opportunities. The Esoteric platform includes 500+ metrics that can be searched and filtered to find the perfect Expert. Have you been searching for a FlexSim engineer that knows Mobile Robots and is available to travel 25% of the time? Esoteric has you covered.

Experts: Esoteric collects detailed information about your capabilities that are used to match you with Clients. Your Esoteric profile is more than a resume. Your last job title doesn’t reflect your capabilities. We collect information about skills, experience, equipment types, verticals, and manufacturer experience to build a comprehensive searchable profile. Not just your last accomplishment. Esoteric is 100% free for Experts.

Clients: Esoteric eliminates wading through endless resumes to infer what capabilities a person may have based on their previous job titles or employer. If you need a Controls Engineer that knows Siemens PLC and Rockwell FT View and is available to travel 75% of the time, you can find them on Esoteric.

Experts: Esoteric allows you to passively and discretely search for your dream job. Maybe you are happy where you’re at, but if the right opportunity came along, it would be worth hearing more? Experts, you can do this without a recruiter calling you with cryptic details or worried that your name is being trotted about the industry. Expert contractors – maybe you are busy now. But what about adding a new client 3 months from now? Esoteric is here to help.

Clients: Esoteric helps you build a diverse team. No names, no pictures, no personally identifying information when selecting potential candidates for interview. You can sort by availability, travel percentage, certifications, languages spoken, and hundreds of robotics, engineering, and supply chain industry specific skills. Find your perfect Expert. Esoteric is an HR dream come true!

Experts: Did we mention that Esoteric is free to Experts? If you are a freelance contractor, the rate you list in your profile is the rate you’ll get. You set your price. If hired for a full-time salaried position, the hiring company pays a direct-hire fee to Esoteric that is substantially less than traditional recruiting agencies. Esoteric won’t dilute your value.

Clients: Esoteric won’t fill your inbox with unqualified or unsolicited candidates. Esoteric doesn’t have any affiliations that restrict from whom we may attract candidates. Recruiters typically work for several companies in the industry and won’t source candidates from other companies they also represent. Our direct- hire fees are substantially less than traditional recruiting agencies.

Experts: Esoteric is completely private. Your current employer, recruiters, and existing customers cannot browse your personal information or send you unsolicited messages. Your personal information is only shared with companies when you agree to start a conversation. You set the terms of engagement. Esoteric is 100% free for Experts.

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The Esoteric platform includes 500+ industry skills to assist in finding the perfect Expert.