Experts: How does Esoteric Staffing work?

Posted on August 19, 2020

Are you a robotics, engineering, or supply chain professional engaged in a confidential job search for W2 direct employment? Or, available to work on a 1099 contractor basis? Or, an expert small business (5 people or less, usually), that can offer their services on a T&M contract basis? If yes to any of these, then you’re ready to get started!

Step 1: Click on "Register" to Become an Expert from the main page or the "Sign Up" link in the navigation menu. Click on Register or Sign Up

Step 2: The status section is where you will input information about position types (direct hire, contract, or any), available start date (now or any date in the future), hourly rate (if direct hire, we recommend leaving this field blank), work availability, travel availability, legal status, languages, etc. Status section

Step 3: The personal info section is where you will input your name, address, etc. Clients searching for Experts will not be able to see your personal information. Your name will not be shared with the Client until you provide written authorization. We take confidentiality seriously. Personal info

Step 4: The Biography should not include personally identifiable information. Provide an overview of your capability, experience, and the types of project or jobs that interest you. The Bio, when approved by Esoteric Staffing, will be viewable by Clients.

If your Bio includes personal information, it will be flagged by Esoteric Staffing and will not be viewable by Clients. In that case, your Bio will show blank, with only Skills and Status listed during Client search. You’ll receive an email notifying you if your Bio is non-compliant with a prompt to update per the guidelines. When flagged compliant, your Bio will be viewable by Clients.

The screening section is not viewable by Clients and will only be seen by Esoteric Staffing and used for screening purposes. Bio section

Step 5: The Skills section is the engine that drives Esoteric Staffing. There are hundreds of industry Skills in multiple categories. For Skills in which you consider yourself an Expert, select Expert. For Skills in which you consider yourself competent, select Competent. No exaggerating. You may edit/update at any time. Skills section

Step 6: Expert agreement is provided for your download and review. Prior to start of a paid engagement, we’ll require a written acknowledgment of the Expert Agreement. Expert agreement

Step 7: Esoteric Staffing will contact you if a Client expresses interest in your profile. We’ll provide details of the project or job opportunity (engagement), including things such as: customer name, project details, hours, travel, etc. If the engagement interests you, we’ll set up an interview. If the engagement doesn’t interest you, or you don’t respond within 48 hours, the Client will receive a notice that "Expert not available". The Client will not be given your personal information until you provide authorization.

In the case of contract work, Esoteric Staffing will issue purchase order to the Expert to initiate start of work. In the case of direct W2 employment, the Client may issue a job offer directly to you, the Expert.

Interviews will be arranged with Experts as appropriate. For contract engagements, the work may begin when a Purchase Order is provided to Esoteric Staffing and accepted. For offers of direct employment (or direct contract), the offers may be communicated directly to the Expert. Esoteric Staffing Client Agreement and Direct Hire Agreement applies.