Who can use Esoteric?

Clients: Companies that need specialized robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals on a full-time or contract basis. Companies including system integrators, automation equipment manufacturers, and end-users that require specialized talent.
Experts: Robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals looking for a new full- time job or freelance contract work. Individuals and single-person entities. Esoteric may be used by small businesses. Boutique firms that have a few Experts on staff, that can offer their services on a T&M contract basis.
Clients: Individual freelancers are highly capable in their niche. You know exactly who is doing the work and they are an extension of your team. Small boutique firms have Experts who are also the owners directly engaged in projects from start to finish. Highly capable in their niche, but capable of larger projects. Expertise without lavish marketing budgets.

Confidentiality, going direct, and being honest:

Clients: We take confidentiality seriously. Really seriously. No compromises.
Experts: Your personal information remains confidential until you authorize its release. No personal information will be shared with Clients unless you provide permission.
Clients: If you’d rather engage in a direct freelance contract or direct employment, Esoteric has made provisions for that. Terms & Conditions apply. Check the direct-hire agreement in your Client account.
Experts: Clients may cancel services any time in the first 8 billable hours with a 50% refund if things aren’t working out. Be who you say you are.

What is the process to become an Expert or hire an Expert?

Clients: Sign up as a client using a valid email address. Search for Experts and select up to 3. Submit a request to engage. Esoteric will contact the Experts to verify interest and confirm availability. The Client interviews available Experts. Select your Expert and start the engagement.
More information is available in the Client Quickstart.

Experts: Sign up as an Expert. Complete your profile, including biography and selecting from the list of industry skills. Validate your email. Clients will be able to search for your skills and profile characteristics. No personally identifiable information disclosed during the search process. You control when or if your personal information is released.
More information is available in the Expert Quickstart.