How to get the best talent in the robotics industry to work for you.

Posted on September 23, 2020 by Esoteric Staffing

COVID-19 supercharged two industry trends: automation and work from home.

Automation is essential to support mind-boggling increases in E-commerce fulfillment that requires companies to pick, pack, and ship high volumes of small quantity orders. Automation is also employed to increase corporate resilience in the face of changing employee safety protocols and to manage abnormal absenteeism rates.

Work from home was a response to government mandate that non-essential businesses minimize in-person interactions in the workplace. In an abundance of caution, industry adopted the work-from- home recommendation across a wide range of essential and non-essential businesses.

A natural outcome of work-from-home is that people can and want to do their work anywhere. Go back to the "good old days of Q1 2020", when companies wanted their employees in the office! When the whole team was in the office, a legit argument could be made on behalf of teamwork and camaraderie. But, with fewer people in the office; camaraderie and communication find a new way. Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, Slack. Virtual meetings exploded in usage.

What does that mean for experts working in the robotics, engineering, and supply chain industry? It means their skills are in more demand than ever before. It means they can work for anybody, anywhere, from anywhere. No longer are they limited to employers in commuting distance from home or relegated to the sub-standard class of "remote workers". They don't need to relocate to get a dream job.

What does it mean for companies that need robotics, engineering, and supply chain experts? Whew, well you are buying in a bull market. But, if you don’t embrace and employ automation, you’ll get left behind as your competitors improve service and reduce cost.

Step 1… embrace work-from-home as a method of expanding your pool of candidates. You’ll need to consider candidates from across the country, not just across town. Since they were going to work from home anyway, does it really matter where home is?

Step 2… consider freelancers and contract employees in addition to direct hires to supplement your workforce. Freelancers are highly motivated, capable, and efficient. Don’t rule them out thinking they won’t be "on your side". They’ll be fiercely dedicated to your cause. Your success is their success. You are their customer AND their paycheck.

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