Emerging Technology Profile: NanoFulfillment

Posted on March 31, 2021 by John Ripple

Consumer expectations for immediate gratification continues to drive growth in ecommerce fulfillment. Neighborhood stores with limited selection are rapidly giving way to retailers focused on direct home delivery with an increasing array of selection. Retailers are presented with challenges of moving fulfillment closer to the customer, providing selection and demand intelligence to avoid stock-outs, while increasing efficiency and an adaptable supply chain.

Density, variety, and speed is driving the requirement for automation. Nanofulfillment® is first to market with a portable, standardized, high-performance, high-density fulfillment solution called NanoFC®. Nanofulfillment® incorporates proven technology with advanced software to enable localized fulfillment.

This article covers the 5 W’s:

Who? Company and Founder.
What? Solution and Target Market.
Where? Product Development Life Cycle.
When? Solution Ready for Market.
Why/How? Problem to be Solved. How Much.

Who? Company and Founder.

Nanofulfillment® was founded by two automation industry veterans, whose diverse experiences are invaluable to creating new markets and applications for ground-breaking order fulfillment technology.

Francisco Serrano – founder & CEO, material handling industry expert and retail expert
Ross Halket – co-founder, material handling industry expert and market development

Nanofulfillment® is based in Sarasota, Florida. Equipment is currently manufactured in Europe and shipped to Sarasota for pre-assembly prior to shipment to the customer.

For detailed solution information, contact Ross Halket @ rhalket@nanofulfillment.com

What? Solution and Target Market.

In-short, it is an all-in-one high-performance fulfillment system. The equipment is pre-engineered and offered with a few standard variations. This reduces cost, complexity, and lead-time. The equipment was designed from the beginning to be re-deployable – it can be moved on a system of casters and delivered to your facility via 2 flatbed trucks. It can be assembled and functioning in days. The software systems are pre-configured and support a variety of interfaces.

There are 3 main advantages of the Nanofulfillment® solution:

Speed, Portability, Scalability – as expected, speed and efficiency of order fulfillment comes with the territory. However, more critical in the world of rapidly evolving consumer preferences is speed of solution deployment. Standardized, pre-packaged, pre-engineered solutions can go from preliminary discussions to working systems in a matter of weeks. Conventional automation (typical “micro-fulfillment systems”) require months of engineering and planning, followed by months of manufacturing, following by months of installation and testing.

Nanofulfillment® systems may be rapidly deployed to serve new markets, with additional systems added at new locations or the same location, based on consumer demand. If requirements change, the entire system can be relocated in a matter of days. For retailers with unknown, unpredictable, or volatile volume over the long-term, Nanofulfillment® is an ideal way to optimize efficiency “right-now” for local fulfillment.

Target markets: Cosmetics, Clothing, Fashion, and Jewelry retailers offering local delivery or pickup. Electronics retailers requiring secure storage and local delivery and pickup. Marijuana retailers requiring high secure/monitored storage and order fulfillment. Convenience store alternative with local delivery and pickup in urban markets.

The system requires only 800sqft and a 10’ clear height – meaning it fits inside many retail stores and available urban spaces expanding SKU selection, quantity on-hand, and dramatically increases efficiency of both put-away (stocking) and picking.

Where? Product Development Life Cycle.

The NanoFC® by Nanofulfillment® is market ready. Product development and initial production has been self-funded, though they may consider investors to scale production.

When? Solution Ready for Market.

The system has been operational in Europe for almost two years and the first systems will be installed in North America in Q3 2021. Additional units are slated for delivery to the North American market in Q4 2021 and beyond.

Why/How? Problem to be Solved. How Much.

Pricing falls right in the range of $800,000 USD per module. The NanoFC® can also be leased. If you need to fill up to 1,000 orders per day and you’ve got a few thousand SKU’s that can fit in a few thousand totes, per each NanoFC® location, then Nanofulfillment® is worth checking out.

If you don’t know where your business will be 5-years, but you’ve got a pretty good handle on the next 6-12 months and your requirements are a match, then Nanofulfillment® may be right up your alley.


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