3 Problems with Hiring a Successful Recruiter!

Posted on September 14, 2020 by Esoteric Staffing

The problem with recruiters, both contingency and retained, is that they have other customers! Typical recruiter agreements specify that they won’t recruit from you, if they are recruiting for you. The more successful they are servicing an industry, the more conflicting interests they’ll have. Of course, you want to work with a recruiter that knows your industry. Therein lies the challenge. The same recruiter you hired because they know your industry, has a limited field of candidates.

Problem 1: Successful recruiters can’t consider the entire talent pool

Let’s say you are searching for a Project Manager experienced with warehouse automation systems. You are a small company and you’d like to hire an experienced Project Manager with prior industry experience. You contact an industry recruiter, discuss the requirements of the position and sign a recruiting agreement. You expect the recruiter is acting on your behalf. While that is true; you soon realize the recruiter is not considering and presenting qualified candidates from your competitors, because the recruiter is working with them as well.

Problem 2: Recruiters are incentivized to cajole candidates

Coercion is too harsh a description, but cajoling is an apt description of traditional recruiting. Websters describes cajoling as, “persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance”. Recruiters contact candidates and persuade them that the position they are working on would be fantastic! Even if that candidate isn’t really interested in a new job.

What is the result? Candidates are submitted for consideration that have been persuaded with gentle flattery and are reluctant to leave their current employer. In many cases a candidate is offered a position with the new employer and declines. Why? Because they weren’t really considering a new position until the recruiter started to whisper in their ear. The customer wastes time in the hiring process; or even worse, hires a new employee that joins with a twinge of regret.

The process isn’t ideal for the employee either, even if they do end up with a nice promotion and pay raise. Better to plot your course, evaluate your options, and make career decisions free of cajoling.

Problem 3: Limited information and limited options

Recruiters recommend candidates based on limited information they’ve collected. They will have viewed the candidates LinkedIn profile and resume, but neither medium provides a good picture of capability. LinkedIn profiles are full of boastful self-promotion and a chronological employer history. Resumes are more polished version of the same information

Recruiters will submit resumes they think are applicable to the position. However, it tends to go one of two ways: they’ll dump a boatload of resumes on your desk and let you filter yourself, or they’ll cherry pick a few candidates to see if you bite. Wouldn’t you rather start with a set of required capabilities and a few nice-to-haves, see what your options are with a few quick clicks of the mouse, then whittle down the list of choices yourself? That is Esoteric. No recruiter asking, "what do you think about this one or that one".

Esoteric to the rescue!

Esoteric is a network of robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals available for contract work or direct-hire employment. Esoteric collects detailed information about skills, industry experience, engineering capabilities, and travel expectations. You access candidates that have already indicated they are open to new opportunities! Stop spending time persuading candidates with flattery in the face of reluctance and come find your Expert at Esoteric today.