The Esoteric Staffing Story

Esoteric was founded to solve the challenge of matching robotics, engineering, and supply chain professionals with the companies that need their services. Using industry knowledge and technology, Esoteric provides a better way for specialized experts to market their talent – and for companies to find that talent. Robotics, engineering, and supply chain is our focus.

Esoteric is independent. We are not owned, managed, or controlled by a third party. Your information is not shared with any other company or individuals. Privacy is of utmost importance. We recognize that not all experts nor clients wish to publicize their job search. Esoteric feels strongly that privacy is an equalizer and helps our clients build diverse teams. We focus on objective measures to ensure experts receive consideration based on merit, not name, title, or years of service.

Esoteric is committed to improving our platform and the services we provide. Updates and revisions will be added continually. Privacy remains. We hope you will join us for the journey. Be an Expert. Find an Expert.